Thursday, 21 October 2010

advantages and disadvantages of belonging to the EU and give your reasons

                             EUROPEAN UNION

 European Union started from 1957 after the Second World War for create peaseful and prosperous Europe.Nowadays EU consist with 27 countries.The flag of EU is blue backround and one circle with star, every star means one country. More counries want to join in because have many advantages but in the  other side have and disadvantage.
    Firtst of all, for more countries is very helpful they have the same coin (euro) , most of the countries they have it. It is better to have same money because if you will go journey in country who is in EU will not want convert the money.
  Also one very important reason is, when visit other country can show ID card and not the passport, is very usefull. For example the check in at the airports or ports is faster than to show passtport.
   Thirdly, for the rich countries can help poor countries. That is great because all countries after many years will be in the same level about civilization.
   In the other side have disadvantages, the most important is maybe after some year will not have traditional thinks for every country. We will forget evertything.
   Other point is for some countries is not fair to give money in other country .because is the civil of every country did some countries so high.

    I have to write many advantages and disadvantages of belonging to the EU and give your reasons but wrote the most important. My opinion for European Union is very exellent idea, and with that union will not have many wars like years ago.

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  1. You have made some interesting points and I think that each country should preserve its traditions.

  2. Jeanette,

    There are 27 countries and 12 stars. The stars are symbolic of something else.

  3. The number of stars does not vary according to the members of either organisation as they are intended to represent all the peoples of Europe, even those outside the EU, but inside the CoE.